Nabil Mir



The contemporary art video game

C-Art combines a video game with art education to cultivate interest of contemporary art.
It teaches art by experiencing it. The game consists of a virtual gallery with doors that lead to galleries
based on art movements of the 20th to early 21st centuries. The artworks featured in the game are
virtual representations of the original works. The game was created in Unity 3D.

The works of art featured in C-Art are digital representations of the originals.

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C-Art is C-untouchably Weird And Or Pretentious - PixelJudge



Lobby of C-Art

Inside Mark Rothko's "Ochre and Red on Red" painting.

The Surrealism stage where the player must find Salvador Dali.

The Pop Art virtual gallery has a 3D platformer in it as well as prominent pop artworks.

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