Nabil Mir

Deviance Revilatized is an updated version of the
insanely phantasmagorical 3D first person platformer.
Journey through several stages of pure darkness and despair,
but keep your wits about you.

Over 40 changes have been made, including the following:

Much easier to play... the biggest problem the original had.
Improved level design and game mechanics, such as faster attacking.
Revamped MIDI soundtrack made with OPL2 and OPL3 equipped sound cards.
Fixed a slew of graphical and audio errors.
Upgraded graphics in certain locations.
Added a bonus level... and so much more!

If you get sick while playing, stop playing and
seek medical and/or psychological treatment immediately.

Download for Windows

The first level. Find your away across a lava pit.

Discover a new city where all your dreams will be destroyed.

The hottest gaming sensation!

You know it's getting strange when you see a Jacques Lacan quote in a video game.


System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95 or higher
Processor: Intel 486 DX4 100MHz or better. Pentium recommended.
Memory: 8MB System RAM
Hard Drive: 150MB free
Video Card: 2MB VESA Local Bus card, PCI and AGP cards supported.
Sound Card: Creative Soundblaster 16 or compatible

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