Nabil Mir

Phanta - Impulsively dreamy adventure


Trump Breakout - Simple 3D breakout clone (Windows Download)

Shark Surfer - Hunt for unwary surfers

Deviance Revitalized - A completely insane platformer, revitalized

Weird 3D Web GL Demo - Small Unity 3D platformer Web GL test

The Legend of Sugar - Collaboration with Kirsten Sugar

C-Art - The contemporary art video game

K - Interactive experience created for Le Grand Jaeger's Era of Khaki

Rosalina's Adventure - 2D platformer exploring legality of fan-made video games

Deviance - A 3D platformer driven by total pandemonium

GOAT - Unity 3D terrain and special effects demo

Jupiter Game - Capricious 2D platformer made for game design class

Neurons - Unity 3D modeling demo

3D Brick Game - Simple 3D breakout clone

Flappy Makoto - Flappy Bird clone

Omnipresence - Enemy spawn test

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