Interaction Design

Post Its for Brainstorming

Gourmet AR is an augmented reality collective by Hovsep Agop, Nabil Mir, and Xingyu Gu.
We are going to express what it feels like to transform into food.


Concept Mapping

The Experience

          GourmetAR uses augmented reality to create strange user experiences involving food and enviroment.
It uses Metaio Creator, which features face tracking. Food is universally associated with the mouth,
hence why it makes sense to transform our faces into food storage. Literally, we're stuffing your faces!
A floating piece of steak near cows gazing on grasslands forces the user to think about the steak out of context.
Do these cows know that I'm about to devour a piece of their own brethren?
          Each user is different; likewise, each person gets a unique augmented experience. Their reactions are
unpredictable, but we are sure the project will bring a smile to some faces and cause hunger cravings for others.
Users will embrace and interact with common foods as well as gain exposure to a few Chinese dishes. Cuisine is global.
Nutrients keep our bodies nourished and augmented reality integrates the virtual into the real. You could make
whatever food you desire appear instantaneously. The only downside is you won't be able to consume it.