Nabil Mir


The Legend of Sugar is a completely insane 3D first person mini-adventure.
The player traverses through a bizarre, convoluted dungeon while finding keys,
jumping into paintings, and battling babies. The game's influences are
Kid Icarus, The Legend of Zelda series, Minecraft, and Super Mario 64.
The Legend of Sugar will be ready sometime during 2016. The game is
currently undergoing playtesting and development has nearly completed.
It will be released for PC, Mac, and Web. Many cookies and sugary goods
were consumed during the chrysalis of The Legend of Sugar.


      Enjoy dazzling visuals while having a phantasmagorical experience
      High-fidelity MIDI soundtrack
      Enter paintings and find keys to open locked doors
      Attack enemies with your razor-sharp mace
      Attend a heavy metal concert at a highly desirable location - inside an igloo
      Defend your pirate ship as you sail through the seas
      Journey through over ten levels of pure darkness and radiance, but keep your wits about you


Kirsten Sugar is a talented game designer and programmer. Nabil Mir is a
digital artist who works somewhere between the digital and the real. They took
a game design class together and decided to collaborate on a game after graduation.
Crave more? Contact at nam347 at nyu dot edu or ks2708 at nyu dot edu


Experience a Sugar High Come to Life in The Legend of Sugar - Indie Game Magazine

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