Nabil Mir


Target Audience Instagram loves you because you're just a target for advertisements.

The Viking's Magnanimous Endeavor More phantasmagorical clipart art.

Neulion Highlight Reel Handful of highlights made while working for Neulion.

The Grand Manifesto What are you trying to get out of it?

What is your favorite food? Adobe Character Animator experiment

The Entreprenurial Concerto A man who has returned to tell you how to run a business properly

Social Media Panopticon The observer becomes the observed and the observed becomes the observer

Dining Room Phantasmagorical dining experience

C-Art Trailer Trailer for the contemporary art video game

What Lies in the Depths Below What happens inside your sink

Desolation A man walks down a hallway reminiscing on his past

Foley Sound Project A sound project made for a class at NYU Poly IDM


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